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The Catholic “Mary” – Early church fathers and the apocrypha

September 17, 20136:02 AM MST

Much detail has offered about the issue surrounding the real, historical biblical Mary versus the Roman Catholic “Mary” on this Examiner page and also on our homepage True Freethinkersuch as:

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“Mary: Mother of God or Jewish Mother of Seven?” by James Tabor

Since Ken Johnson has provided some useful tidbits, it seemed helpful to augment the essays linked above with the following information.

This will come from Johnson’s book Ancient Church Fatherswhich we reviewed here.

He notes:

“The Protevangelium of James tells the story that Mary was born from Anna, who was barren. She gave Mary up to the temple (like Samuel). Upon entering the temple, she was given food from the hand of an angel.

Some of the non-biblical ideas taught in this false work include fables like Jesus was not born in Bethlehem and Jesus was not born in the normal way, but just appeared.”

He then summarizes some of these non-biblical ideas from whichCatholicism has derived some of their doctrines and dogmas:

Chapter 9 – When Mary was twelve years old, the priests assembled and prayed to find out who could take Mary before she defiled the temple by coming into puberty. The men cast their rods down and prayed. When Joseph took up his, a dove flew out of it and landed on his head. But he says he is an old man and already has children.

Chapter 16 – The priest gave the water of the ordeal [seeNumbers ch. 5] to Joseph and Mary, but they remained unhurt. So no judgment was passed on them.

Chapter 17-18 – Joseph took Mary and his sons with him to Bethlehem to be registered. Joseph found a cave for Mary to give birth in before they came into Bethlehem.

Chapter 19 – The infant Jesus just appeared after a bright light shone in the cave [in other words, Jesus just, sort of, beamed out of Mary].

Chapter 20 – The midwife, Salome, went to check to see if Mary was really still virgin, and her hand became severely burned. Then an angel appeared and she believed. Then the angel healed her hand.

Chapter 21 – The Magi were in Bethlehem before Joseph and Mary got there. They visited Jesus in the cave. [Ken Johnson has a note here stating, “contradicting the Magi’s own account. Sec: The Magi and Matthew 2: II.” Note that even outside of this apocryphal work, the Magi where not there in Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth; the showed up when Jesus was a one year old or so—regardless of what your manger scene depicts]

Chapter 23 – Herod, thinking John the Baptist was the newborn king, tried to find him but could not. He then murdered Zacharias, John’s father.

Chapter 24 – The clotted blood of Zacharias found in the temple, miraculously turned to stone.

Around 230 AD, Origen commented on Matthew 10:17 thusly:

“Those who wish to preserve the honor of Mary in virginity to the end, say, basing it on a tradition in the Gospel according to Peter, as it is entitled, or ‘The Book of James,’ (Protevangelium Jacobi, c. 9) that the brethren of Jesus were sons of Joseph by a former wife, whom he married before Mary.”

This shows that they must rely on un-, non-, and anti-biblical texts to derived Catholic doctrines and dogmas.

Ken Johnson wrote:

“Ancient church father Origen noted that Mary did not remain a virgin and that the doctrine of her ‘perpetual virginity’ was made up by a Gnostic cult who simply wanted to make her into a goddess.

This false doctrine was not taught by the apostles, but is contained in the Gnostic books entitled The Gospel of Peter andThe Protevangelium of James.”

And a goddess she has certainly become or, rather, the Catholic “Mary” has been invented so as to take the place of Jesus:

VIDEO: Hey Catholics! Pagans get it, why don’t you? On Mary (and then some)

Is Our Lady of Guadalupe a goddess?

Roman Catholic Church: Our Lady of Guadalupe – Officially or Unofficially the Goddess of the Americas?

In circa 195 AD, Clement of Alexandria wrote the following inInstructor 1:6:

“The Holy Spirit is the same everywhere, and one is the only virgin mother. I like to call her the church.”

Since the Holy Spirit is only virgin mother and the church; what does that say of Catholicism turning “Mary” into the virgin mother and mother of the church?

The real, historical biblical Mary is not the Roman Catholic “Mary.”

You can listen to lectures on all of the Marian doctrines and dogma at this link. Also there is a lecture on the apocrypha titled,Roman Catholicism the Apocrypha, the Deutero Canonical Books.


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